Slow Food Santa Cruz Goes Wild!

Sunday, April 18, 2010 found Slow Food members and friends meandering a property in Felton with eyes to the ground. Guided by Darren Huckle, LAc, the group identified, smelled, and (of course) tasted over 30 wild edibles. We discovered a lot of new favorites, including Wild Violet, Wild Onion, Mugwort, Yerba Santa, Sweet Cicely, and Willow. The adventurous even dabbled in Oak Tree Twig tooth-brushing and Ceanothus hand-washing!  Darren encouraged us to extend our views on food and food systems to the concept of Slow Medicine and using food to promote wellness.

The Group and Darren, Explaining

Willow Bark and notebook

Trying out nature's suds

After the walk, we harvested Miner’s Lettuce for a salad and enjoyed a picnic on the deck of a 1930s Sears Cabin, decorated for the occasion by Slow Food Santa Cruz Events Chair, Donna Gardner, and Advocacy Committee Head, Tess Cain.  Members brought their own concoctions to share, and cups were filled with ElderberryLemonade, Lemon Verbena-Lemon Thyme- Rosemary-Pomegranate Liqueur, and Mate Honey Lemon Tea.

Harvesting Miner's Lettuce

The picnic table, by Donna

Miner's Lettuce Salad

A huge thank you to Allison, Tess, and Donna for making this event so successful!

As a follow up to the event, we’re searching for the best Yerba Buena Mojito.  Concoct something delicious and post your recipe!

Baby Yerba Buena

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