Slow Down Summer Series Event at Verve: A Success

Our July 31 event at Verve Coffee Roasting kicked-off Slow Food Santa Cruz’s Slow Down Summer Series, casual gatherings open to the public to meet, talk about food-related issues in our community and learn something new. A great time was had by all!

Slow Foodies Talking About Coffee and Community Organizing

Verve Coffee Roasters graciously hosted a top-notch Slow Food event! Attendees enjoyed a complimentary cupping (tasting) of unique, personally sourced, fair-trade beans from around the world as they were treated to a mini-workshop on all things coffee.

Cupping Lessons - What to Look for in an Cup of Excellence

The depth and breadth of the workshop was truly amazing! We had an opportunity to get an up-close and personal tour of the roastery next door to the café, where Verve’s artisanal coffee roasters sample and fine-tune each small batch to create their signature roasts and blends.

Colby Talks About the Subtlies of Taste While Jarrod Pours Samples

Colby, the mastermind of the roastery and Verve co-owner, Jared, recently ranked the #2 barista in the nation, and Ian, a barista who offers weekly tasting flights on Fridays, shared their collective knowledge, experience,  and passion to elevate coffee brewing to an art.

From the economics and politics of growing, buying and consuming coffee, to the various methods of brewing, and the subtleties of flavor based on terrior, the Verve team enlightened coffee geeks and neophytes alike. They educated us about how we, as coffee drinkers, can each do our part to drink responsibly while subscribing to the ethos of good, clean and fair food–and drink.

Now for the Quiz..Who wants to win a Kazoo

If you missed out on our special event, stay tuned; Verve will be expanding and has plans to offer classes and workshops in the building now occupied by the roastery.

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