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2018 Slow Food Santa Cruz Board



Julia Bell

Julia has worked in ecological landscape and event design in around the Monterey Bay for the past 15 years. Her company, Bell and Flourish Design, has evolved to create beautiful spaces that celebrate nature, health and community. She is currently the Creative Director of Succulent Gardens in Castroville, CA, combining horticulture, design and art.

Education from UCSC (BA Art, BA Biology), Cabrillo and West Valley College (Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Engineering Technology, Graphic Design, Fine Art) provides a diverse backdrop for ongoing ‘freelance’ studies in Permaculture and land management. Engagement in community organizations and events provides a rewarding network for sharing her interest in the arts, ecology, botany, and food!

Edible gardens and home-orchard management are specialties within her practice that stem from a passion for cooking with organic, local harvest. Stepping out from the kitchen to gather herbs, veggies and fruit, or pick a home-grown bouquet are luxuries she loves to create. Slow Flowers represent an extension of the Slow Food principals of celebrating local, ecologically responsible product. Organic event design and floral arrangement has become an additional opportunity for Julia to combine her artistic eye and ecological mindset. She looks forward to engaging and educating the community in attainable, healthy, Slow Food!



Penny Ellis

Penny relocated from the Central Coast back Santa Cruz County in 2013 and through a twist of fate discovered an inner passion for connecting food, farms and families with community. She looked around and saw the need for people to become more connected to where their food was coming from… and from that founded the annual Open Farm Tours event. Now in its fourth year, the 2017 tours had over 1500 people attending.

From that sprang the Bay Area Food & Farm Tours Meetup that offers monthly tours of sustainable farms and food venues as a way for people to educate themselves and stay connected with our local food sources year-round. The way we eat is rapidly changing as technology and climate continue to affect how our food is being grown. Creating a healthy regional food system that functions as a community driven cooperative business model is at the core of what drives her. Having a plan & coordinating our efforts at the community level to support food sovereignty can change the world!



Tyler Oxford

Over the last 20+ years Tyler has immersed himself in all things environmental and social justice, starting with his degree in Renewable Energies and Sustainable Development, then later obtaining a degree in Environmental Engineering that focused on water resources. Ever since moving to Santa Cruz in 2005 Tyler has been an avid foodie and gardener, first being introduced to the Slow Food Organization in the Summer of 2016 when his Little Urban Farm was on the farm tour.

Being a recovered engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Tyler divides his time between running his photography/videography company, teaching photography at Scotts Valley High School, and being an accredited professional Life Coach. When he’s not running his businesses, Tyler is passionate about volunteering to work with teens, being an advocate and activist in movements concerning access to affordable healthy food, creating sustainable agriculture, and the ways those issues spill over into the realm of social justice.

When he’s not doing his part to save the world, Tyler loves to grow organic heirloom tomatoes, tons of flowers, lots of vine-y things, plenty of peppers and onions, and has a house full of plants that rivals most greenhouses. He also thoroughly enjoys sipping on fine wines and frosty IPA’s, along with writing, going for Cruiser rides, traipsing through the Redwoods, and playing around in Big Sur.



Stephanie Webb

Upon completing her Master’s Degree, Stephanie took a position with AmeriCorps’ Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) Program at Port Orford Ocean Resource Team (POORT).  During this time, her career motivations turned towards using education to preserve (access to) natural resources and using entrepreneurial approaches to create fair wages for producers. Within in this role, Stephanie became passionate about conservation, sustainable agriculture and seafood and immersed herself in understanding various hurdles within our supply chain and how to overcome them.  Using her finance expertise, applied and academic education and strategic planning skills, she developed, financed and staffed a community-supported fishery (CSF) – the first CSF in Oregon. A rising model among producers derived from the agriculture sector also known as a community supported agriculture (CSA) where consumers pay prior to the food being harvested, processed or distributed. Currently, Stephanie works as a freelance consultant for various community-based social justice, conservation and (sea)food system initiatives. She recently moved to Santa Cruz, CA to enhance her quality of life, expand a place-based consulting business and participate in a community with like-minded individuals. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, surfing, cooking and practicing yoga.


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