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Miner's Lettuce Salad


Slow Food Santa Cruz is keeping busy in the community between events! To get involved, contact us at  


Santa Cruz Heritage Foods

Slow Food USA works to preserve American food traditions through the Ark of Taste and RAFT programs.  We’re bringing these projects to Santa Cruz by identifying foods that are unique to this area, part of our local heritage, and/or in danger of being lost in this region.  If you have information about foods that might fit into these projects, or if you’re interested in growing and/or processing foods of this nature, get in touch with us.

Edible Gardens Tour

The Santa Cruz Edible Gardens Tour takes place each August. Public places and private homes host tours of their edible gardens, including demonstrations by experts in gardening and other Do-It-Yourself topics. The event is a daylong celebration of edible gardening where participants are self-guided throughout the city on foot, bike or by car during the day, culminating in a lively happy hour celebration at the end of the tour, where participants share ideas on how to grow their own good, clean, and fair food.

Snail of Approval

Slow Food Santa Cruz aims to create a recognizable identification system, directory and metrics for local businesses in Santa Cruz, including restaurants, bars, food and beverage artisans, and stores and markets that embody the principles of good, clean and fair food.